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DJ Aphrodite at Pirate Station 'Teatro' Jan 2011

10years of Rollercoaster-Aphrodite Returns to London

!!FRIDAY 29TH APRIL 2011!!
*(Prince William & Kate Middleton's wedding day)**


RoLLERCoASTER is Owned by Darren(aka dvs) & Tyrone of Brixton Origin.

It's 10years since they formed the Rollercoaster Drum & Bass organisation with the sole objective of supply Drum & Bass events for South West London. They've broken records, worked with the biggest Drum & Bass acts in history... and Now, we're 10years old!

We're starting you off slowly, then working our way through the years of Jungle right through to modern Drum & Bass, with Junglism being the ethos of the event.

* APHRODITE(Live DJ set)
* THE DON(Northampton Junglist)
* PHANTOM D & JONAH & DOMINATOR(Jungle 1992-98)
* MC's Shockin B & DVSMC

We are also promoting the release of the ROllercOaster Tune.. produced by DJ Aphrodite HIMSELF!! Exciting times!

There is a bottle of CHAMPAGNE to be won by the most interesting Drum & Bass dancer in the rave.

FREE raffle ticket for EVERY customer on entry! WIN


Friday 29th April 2011

Mass Nightclub
St Matthews Church
Brixton, London, SW2 1JF

£12 in March
£15 thereafter
More on the door

To purchase tickets online visit:

For more information: Call 07534 945 253 or visit

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"In the year and a half that I have known Darren Shaw, we have had many NLP sessions where Darren has practised a range of different techniques. I have found these sessions to be extremely beneficial & also enjoyable. As a Life Coach/NLP Practitioner Darren is always very successful in changing my perception of an issue and in finding new ways in which to deal with situations. I know him to be a perceptive and positive individual who's motivation is to help others to better themselves, and I would highly recommend him. "
Angela L
"Darren seems to know exactly the right questions to ask to come to the right conclusions. I went to him with what I thought was my biggest problem! but by the end of the first session my problem was the one that id been using the other problem to run away from. Once we knew what the main problem was we were able to tackle it step by step, one step at a time. I think that anyone that is stuck in a cycle that keeps repeating and is doing more harm then good and cant seem to stop it should definitly see Darren Shaw."
Saba H

Desired States Presents..


Wednesday 10th November

A self-development workshop with an emphasis on goal-setting techniques and strategies.

undefinedJoin NLP-focused coach Darren Shaw for a fun packed session of learning about NLP techniques which are useful in the context of setting goals/outcomes/objectives.
Darren is an event planner as well as an NLP coach, so has a wealth of knowledge in the skill of setting future outcomes and creating the future.

Alongside Darren, NLP therapist and Hypnotherapist Alan Whitton will be sharing thoughts around the area of goal-setting, sharing his vast knowledge in the feild of therapeutic work with people who need to challenge their limiting beliefs and fears which stop them achieving more.
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I Darren Shaw believe that we can have the lives we want and that it's a matter of understanding how it is you have come to where it is you are right now.. and how you could experience more personal freedom, having more of what you and, and less of what you don't..
A good place to start, when you decide to start moving in a new and more positive direction, is to define where you would like to be instead of where you are..
The problem with programming our internal SatNav's.. is that we didn't get an instruction manual with it.. apart from some of the crappy instructions that we have been given by our parents, family, friends, TV, newspapers... etc..

I'm suggesting that it's time to define exactly where you are right now.. and be clear about where you would like to be.. in 6 months.. a year.. 2yrs from now.. i'm suggesting that you learn more about how your unconscious mind is powerful enough to achieve any goal that you choose to have now.

darren shaw


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